Handheld Barcode Reader: Dataman Series

Source: Cognex Corporation


You need reliable barcode readers and, simply put, we read more codes and deliver highest read rates—that’s why people choose Cognex.

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When you can put a stop to no-reads by deploying the DataMan® family of image-based barcode readers, you can achieve your Automatic Identification (Auto ID) goals.

  • Increase efficiencies—aid inventory management, quantify process bottlenecks and improvements, handle supplier printing variations, reduce WIP (work in process)
  • Achieve higher throughput—less manual resorting, faster read times, reduced downtime
  • Reduce costs—reduce scrap from rework of rejects
  • Maintain customer satisfaction—avoid incorrect deliveries and recalls
  • Control traceability—product quality information, improved asset tracking, allergen management, part authentication deters counterfeiting

Regardless of the barcode symbology, size, quality, printing method or surface the codes are marked on, we can read it with the highest read rates!

  • print variations (color, poor print, scratched, washed out)
  • marking types (ink jet, dot peen, laser etch, direct part mark)
  • surface types (glass, metal, cardboard, ceramic, plastic)