High Voltage Leak Detection Systems: KLD Series

High Voltage Leak Detection Systems

With the KLD Series, Syntegon continues its long history as a leading manufacturer of leak detection machines. The latest generation of the KLD Series impresses through even more precise measurement, gentle container transport and outstanding ease of handling and maintenance.

Proven technology

The fast and reliable technology used in the KLD Series allows 100% container closure integrity (CCI) testing by applying high voltage (up to 30 kV) to the container to detect leakages.

Well defined and precise: the measurement system

During the test, the containers are actively rotated by at least 360° on four independent and individually adjustable testing stations. This proven measurement technique, using bar electrodes from below, offers significant advantages: the distance between container and electrode is minimized and remains constant. Thus, false measurement results, produced by variations in distance, are ruled out. In addition, measurement from below reduces the influence exerted by the fluid wetting the inside container wall.

Compact, accessible and neat design

The KLD Series can be used as stand-alone or in-line machine and, thanks to its compact design, is ideally suited for integration in existing facilities.


  • Higher product quality & patient safety
  • Low false reject rate
  • High reliability - CCI testing even for products with low conductivity and minimal content
  • High measurement sensitivity
  • Support & consultancy by subject-matter experts
  • Flexible and user-friendly platforms

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