HighByte Intelligence Hub

Source: HighByte
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HighByte Intelligence Hub is a DataOps software solution purpose-built for industrial data. The Intelligence Hub enables manufacturers to securely connect, model, condition, and flow valuable industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code. The software is deployed at the Edge to merge real-time, transactional, and time-series data into a single payload for consuming applications.

With the Intelligence Hub, users can speed system integration time, rapidly leverage contextualized data for analytics, AI, and ML applications, and govern data standards across the enterprise. HighByte Intelligence Hub provides the critical data infrastructure for Pharma 4.0.

Built for Industrial Data

HighByte Intelligence Hub was built for the unique qualities of industrial data. The software securely connects devices, files, databases, and systems via open standards and native connections. Use the interface to model streaming data in real time, normalize and standardize data points and data models inherent to diverse machinery, and add context to data payloads that otherwise lack descriptions. Tap into real-time and asset model data from a variety of edge data sources, including machine data, transactional data, and time series (historical) data.

Designed for Scale

HighByte Intelligence Hub was designed for scale. Simplify and accelerate the modeling of tens of thousands of datapoints from PLCs and machine controllers with re-usable models that transform raw data into complex, useful information. Import and export template definitions to quickly replicate common datasets across assets. Efficiently deliver contextualized and correlated information to the applications that require it.

Ideal for Operations

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an ideal solution for manufacturers and other industrial companies because the software was designed for Operational Technology (OT) teams. The platform-agnostic solution runs on-premises at the Edge, scales from embedded to server-grade computing platforms, and offers a code-free user interface. Administrators can network distributed Intelligence Hubs through a single management portal.

Measurable Benefits for OT, IT, and Line of Business

Accelerate analytics and other Industry 4.0 use cases with a digital infrastructure solution built for scale.

  • Reduce system integration time from months to hours
  • Improve data curation and preparation for AI and ML applications
  • Scale operations metrics and analytics across the enterprise
  • Reduce information wait time for business functions
  • Eliminate time spent troubleshooting broken integrations
  • Empower operators with insights from the Cloud
  • Improve system-wide security and data governance
  • Meet system integrity and regulatory traceability requirements
  • Reduce Cloud ingest, processing, storage costs, and complexity
  • Optimize data payloads for specific target applications and use cases