Hot Melt Extrusion Pharmaceutical Formulation

Source: AbbVie
Hot Melt Extrusion Pharmaceutical Formulation

Hot melt extrusion (HME) is a proven technology for bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble API's. Unlike other formulation options, hot melt extrusion technology is solvent-free. By drawing on continuous processing, hot melt extrusion is more economical and can be used for abuse deference and taste masking applications. This can ultimately deliver a higher quality, more marketable pharmaceutical product — in line with your commercialization strategy.

AbbVie advances your science like we would our own, with customized pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion services that include:

  • Solubility/bioavailability enhancement
  • Support for good process control and scalability
  • Taste masking capabilities
  • Proven expertise in drug delivery


Using proprietary hot melt extrusion technology, AbbVie has successfully developed, scaled-up and commercialized many challenging chemical entities. The process involves distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) through a specialized matrix to form a solid solution with known potency. Through this process, pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion can improve both drug efficacy and drug delivery efficiency. AbbVie Contract Manufacturing can then package your compound in a range of commercial dosage forms, including:

  • Tableting/encapsulation
  • Potents (small concentrations)
  • Controlled and modified release


Our comprehensive range of hot melt extruder equipment runs from 18 mm to 70 mm, enabling a customized approach to hot melt extrusion for pharmaceutical applications, alongside scalability.  AbbVie has proven experience progressing challenging projects from pilot through to commercial scale. With hot melt extruder expertise in facilities in Europe and North America, customers can contract customized HME services without compromising speed-to-market.


  • Over 20 years of development and commercial manufacturing experience
  • Pilot to commerical scale
  • HME formulation & process development
  • Expertise in hot melt extrusion encapsulation and tableting, potent and modified release
  • HME and tableting/capsules at commercial scale
  • Wide range of hot melt extruders, size 18 mm to 70 mm, with scale-up expertise
  • Commerical production in both Europe and North America

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