06.26.20 -- How To Improve Operational Efficiency With Automation Solutions

Source: Cytiva


A Comprehensive Automation Solution Fills Gaps Across Biomanufacturing

In the biopharmaceutical industry, process data is used in multiple ways throughout process development and the different production phases creating automation gaps. Properly selecting an automation solution, especially one that spans the complete upstream-downstream bioprocess train under either the SCADA-PLC or DCS automation scenarios, can greatly facilitate connectivity, data management and process control. Learn how about how to improve operational efficiency with the right automation solutions.

Reach Your Processing Potential Through An Integrated Approach

Cytiva's Figurate™ automation platform combines all our years of experience in bioprocess solutions and processes built into our automation and digital solutions. Our pre-verified solutions are synchronized, scalable, and rapidly deployable bringing you Efficiency, Flexibility, and Confidence.

Learn more about Cytiva's Figurate™ automation platform.