Article | July 23, 2014

Innovation In Drug Delivery To Meet Patient Needs

Source: PMMI

By: Julie Ackerman, senior director PR and communications, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

Today’s patients are being afforded access to life-saving medicines wherever they are, thanks to innovation in drug delivery methods and the efforts of medicine manufacturers that are shifting operations to produce easier-to-use delivery systems as well as medicines that are more customized to meet the needs of specific patient groups. As traditional, one-size-fits-all drug regimens increasingly give way to more customized options – pharmaceutical manufacturers face the challenge of maintaining or improving efficiency. The key to successfully implementing new delivery systems lies in flexible operations that can handle multiple, small batches of product quickly, efficiently and safely.

Convenience is Key

Injections are popular for drug delivery due to the fact that they produce quick results with a high level of bioavailability. However, this method has always presented certain challenges in accuracy, sterility and affordability. To help healthcare workers remedy these issues and meet demand for an easier drug delivery experience, drug manufacturers are increasingly producing pre-filled syringes in a departure from products packaged in vials.