Inspection and ID Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Source: Cognex Corporation


Now there’s a simpler, more cost effective way to comply with patient safety and traceability requirements. Deploy Cognex® vision-based inspection and identification (ID) solutions.

With easy-to-use, integrate and maintain products, Cognex machine vision and ID systems provide the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

In the lab or in the manufacturing and distribution supply chain, profitability depends on product quality, package and label integrity, inventory visibility, and process automation.

Breakthrough Cognex technologies offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability to prevent defects, improve quality, increase yield and boost productivity. And, Cognex read and verify solutions for mass serialization help achieve compliance with new product authentication and traceability requirements.

The complete line of Cognex products support every inspection and ID need. Whether it’s using low cost sensors to ensure package integrity, tracking serialized product from manufacture to patient, or ensuring label accuracy with barcode and text verification, Cognex offers the products that add value every step of the way.

With four major product families ranging from low-cost pass/fail sensors that are very high speed and high precision, to very powerful, highly customizable vision software, Cognex has a product that is well suited to the application, environment, and level of user experience. This broad range of products means Cognex can better support the healthcare industry with a consultative sales process to address a wide range of inspection and traceability applications efficiently without force fitting a solution.