Intermediate Bulk Container: DOSICON

Source: ILC Dover
Intermediate Bulk Container: DOSICON

«IBC» means «Intermediate Bulk Container». An IBC is therefore a mobile, flexible and rapid storage device for any powder or granulates.

The DOSICON IBC developed by JetSolutions SA offers following features:

  • Dosing of the discharge of the IBC, for example when a batch is made of various powders stored in IBCs
  • Weighing of the discharged quantity of an IBC, either by loss in weight or by gain in weight
  • Easy extraction of the powder stored in DOSICON IBC, even compacted
  • Guarantee of a proof closing of the IBC cone valve
  • Cleaning of the inside of the IBC with a CIP system

Working Principle:

  • The cone valve is placed and guided in the conical bottom of the container
  • Total proof closing by means of an elastic gasket, inflatable on option
  • Total proof closing by pulling down the cone valve into its seat after discharge of the product
  • Opening of the cone valve by means of a pneumatic cylinder jack
  • Adjustable opening by setting the stroke of the jack (basic version)
  • Full range adjustable opening by means of a pneumatic motor adjusting the stroke of the jack (dosing version)
  • Dosing of the discharged product by adjustment of the opening of the cone valve versus the weight on scale, through an interface terminal IT 9000
  • Vibration of the cone in open position

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