Case Study

International Game Technology Wins Big

Source: Acsis Inc.

International Game Technology ( is a global company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of computerized gaming equipment, network systems, licensing and services. They are a preeminent supplier of gaming products to the world, maintaining a wide array of entertainment‐inspired gaming product lines and targeting gaming markets in all legal jurisdictions worldwide. IGT is committed to providing quality gaming products at competitive prices, designed to increase the potential for operator profits by serving players better.

IGT manufactures electronic casino gaming machines, including slot machines and other casino floor games. IGT combines the elements of math, play mechanics, sound, art and technological advancements with a library of entertainment licenses and patented IP to provide gaming products with a high degree of player appeal. They continue to expand their game libraries, emphasizing development of game content to address changing consumer preferences and other market trends. Their objective is to develop games that incorporate exciting winning combinations and appealing graphics and sound.

The gaming industry is intensely competitive and IGT strives to maintain its dominant leadership position. As the gaming industry is characterized by dynamic customer demand and rapid technological advances, IGT must continually introduce and successfully market new game themes and technologies in order to remain competitive and effectively stimulate customer demand. IGT customers will accept a new product only if it is likely to increase their profits more than competitor’s products. Delay in introducing or producing new products on schedule could negatively impact operating results by providing an opportunity for IGT competitors to introduce new products and gain market share.