Leak Detection Device For Blister Packs: BlisterScan

Source: TASI Group: Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha
Brochure: BlisterScan Leak Detector

BlisterScan is a leak detection device for blister packs. it uses non-contact laser scanning technology to detect leaks and weak seals in individual pockets.

BlisterScan, a non-destructive leak detection device for blister packs that uses non-contact laser scanning technology to detect leaks and weak seals in individual pockets.

It pinpoints micro holes and weak seals in:

  • Non-porous blister packs in materials such as PVC, PVDC, ALu/Alu, Aclar etc
  • Blisters containing solid dose products such as tablets, capsules or medical devices.
  • Multiple blisters from a full sealing index measuring up to 320mm Width x 150mm Length

BlisterScan instantly pinpoints the location of a faulty pocket seal. Further graphical analysis is provided for each individual blister pocket. This improves your blister packing process by enabling engineers to trace and identify
the source of a leak, according to current PAT (Process Analytical Technology) thinking. The BlisterScan screen shows a pass (green) or fail (red) result for each blister pocket and also indicates the absence of a blister pack (black).

Test Method
A beam of light scans the individual pockets before and after applying a vacuum. After a set dwell time the blister pockets are scanned again. A Pass or Fail result is given based on a comparison of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ readings against a predetermined leakage acceptance level. From the results, a correlation with the hole size can be made.


  • Non-destructive test generates less waste and bigger product yield
  • Accurate, validatable results for each pocket - Detects holes down to 10 microns.
  • Quicker troubleshooting for line set-up to reduce rejects - Fast test cycle means that leak testing can be carried out more frequently.
  • Fast payback by reducing waste - On average save $1,000/day by replacing the methylene blue dye test with BlisterScan
  • Easy to use - Touch screen operator interface.


Drug stability testing in laboratories

  • R&D departments test materials to ensure the correct materials are used to protect new products from contamination by moisture, air and bacteria.

QA Testing of packaging processes

  • Build leak tests into the Quality Assurance procedures for your blister packaging line. Objective seal testing maintains compliance and ensures the integrity of the packaging process. BlisterScan ensures protection from moisture, air and bacteria and allows investigation of atypical results.

Reduce production rejects

  • Minimise reject blisters and waste disposal created in pharmaceutical production and packaging facilities by carrying out leak testing more frequently. Earlier detection of a leak means line operators can troubleshoot the cause of a leak before a large volume of faulty blisters are produced.