Newsletter | May 15, 2024

05.15.24 -- Leveraging CDMO Expertise To Streamline Drug Delivery Device Manufacturing

Delivering On GLP-1 Demand: Combining Device And Supply Strategy

Meeting the surge in demand for GLP-1 treatments requires robust and efficient delivery systems. Review how innovative solutions, including the Alina® pen injector platform and Aidaptus® autoinjector platform, offer customization, streamlined manufacturing, and compatibility with various drug formulations.


Overcoming A Failed Design Verification Test For Your Delivery Device

If a drug delivery device fails a design verification test, the consequences can be far-reaching, possibly including lost revenue for the pharma company and delays for patients. A clear design verification testing plan at the start can avoid problems further down the line. Explore how to eliminate design verification failure for your next device.


Expanding Home-Based Care With A Next-Gen On-Body Delivery System

As on-body delivery systems enable the shift to patient-centric treatment, manufacturers must optimize the device and therapy formulation to minimize the risks and increase adherence. Learn how a next-generation platform is meeting the needs of pharma companies looking to deliver large-volume doses in a patient-centric manner.


Leveraging Integration At Each Phase Of A Drug Delivery System Project

A contract manufacturer with a comprehensive range of products can provide a significant advantage for smaller biotech firms that do not have the internal capacity to meet demand. By forging deeper partnerships with customers, the full depth and breadth of a CDMO's knowledge, experience, and competencies can bring benefits at multiple levels.


How A Flexible Approach To Autoinjector Assembly Can Be Advantageous

Autoinjectors have played an essential role in enabling the patient-centric shift, and being able to capitalize on new autoinjector opportunities requires efficient and agile processes. Examine how a flexible, scalable, and efficient solution for the assembly of a wide range of autoinjector formats can help you meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.



Aidaptus® Manufacturing

Bringing a new single-use autoinjector to market can be challenging. Finding a partner with a proven track record and robust manufacturing infrastructure can help deliver a simple and easy-to-use device to patients in need. Discover how Stevanato Group can streamline the launch of your combination product to the market.

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