Loading & Unloading Systems For Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

Loading Unloading Systems for Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers

The patented loading system for freeze dryers ensures maximum process safety, while saving a considerable amount of space. Thanks to its new front pusher design, the system loads vials into the freeze dryer using the linear pushing and pulling motion of a transfer arm. Unlike other systems, the innovative transfer bar is not moved by a hydraulic push rod, but by a mechanical servo drive.


Energy demand & process time

  • Patented front pusher system
  • Space-saving loading unit within the isolator dimensions
  • Drive unit outside the product handling area
  • Optimized cleaning and sterilization by eliminating bellows
  • Significant space savings in the fill-finish area
  • Improved accessibility, e.g. for maintenance work


  • Loading and unloading speed (example 2R vials): up to 400 / min

Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.