Article | February 23, 2018

Maintaining Data Integrity With Inspection Software

Source: GlobalVision

By Jonathan Hou

Maintaining Data Integrity With Inspection Software

It may sound like just another pharma and life sciences industry buzzword, but “Data Integrity” is as important as computer system validation when products get released to market. It extends beyond the borders of IT and helps companies make the right decisions based on the right data.

The GlobalVision Quality Control Platform is used by life sciences companies worldwide to help manage labeling and packaging quality processes and find errors. The software allows customers to approve PDF artwork files or printed components for release to market. As a critical piece in the approval process for packaging artwork, data integrity requirements must be complied with to make sure the right data is approved.

Data integrity calls for assurances that all that is gathered be Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneously recorded, Original, and Accurate (ALCOA, according to the Food and Drug Administration). In other words, it needs to be reliable and untampered with. In data-driven industries, that need is ever-present. Proper precautions must be taken.