News | October 13, 2016

Manual Serialization Station Simplifies Small Batch Pharmaceutical Serialization Efforts


Are you a smaller pharmaceutical manufacturer or packer fazed by the prospect of serialization? If so, you’re not alone!
To comply with government and industry serialisation requirements, including the anti-falsification requirements of the EU Directive 2011/62 which come into force in February 2019, pharmaceutical manufacturers must have a system for marking all product packages with unique codes which can be uploaded to a regulatory database. For smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers and packers, this process can seem daunting. That’s because most Track and Trace systems involve the installation of automated systems which can be difficult to fit into existing production lines.

Smooth and Simple Serialization
PCE’s Manual Serialization Station (MSS) provides all the components required for serialization operations in a compact and portable desktop machine. Featuring an adjustable inkjet print unit with integrated print inspection capabilities, the MSS allows for a variety of carton sizes, as well as a Bluetooth hand scanner for code verification.

But That’s Not All!
Configuration of the MSS is handled using a 10 inch touchscreen interface with an integrated IPC running the PLM Direct software suite. All serialization data is exported in a standard XML format for easy uploading to other systems. And, what’s more, the compact control cabinet features a carrying handle which allows the MSS to be easily transported and set up in new locations should the need arise.

Using the MSS allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to comply with all serialization requirements without needing to install a larger automated serialization system that may not fit easily in a limited space.

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection