Manufacturing Execution System (MES) For Cell And Gene Therapy Drug Manufacturers

Source: Apprentice
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Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, the process for manufacturing them is stuck in the past. Apprentice helps life science manufacturers make the transition to a new way of operating with a flexible, cloud-based manufacturing execution system.

Designed with pharma manufacturing in mind Make the transition to modern manufacturing with a manufacturing execution system (MES) designed exclusively for pharma. Using the latest in AR and cloud technology, Apprentice’s MES is built for the manufacturing of the future. Its cloud-based architecture enables continuous production, while no-code integrations power equipment and system automation. Flexible features adapt your process to batches of all sizes, complexity, and customization. Give your operators the power and precision to execute better with AR, AI, and voice recognition in a full suite of wearable, mobile, and desktop devices. Modernize your manufacturing with a purpose-built MES Legacy, paper-based processes won’t hold up to the demands of new therapies or the pressures of new production methods. Our MES was built to help your production to transition to a new way of operating.

Give operators the tools and instructions to accurately execute each step, every time.

  • Audio and text instructions enhanced with photo, video, and AR overlays make each procedure step crystal-clear
  • Mobile app and voice-enabled wearable headset allow operators to take procedures with them and keep their hands free for work
  • Programmable guardrails that minimize non-conformities by preventing step completion if a value is outside of the predefined range
  • IoT integrations that automatically compute values, minimizing the opportunity for human error due to calculations