Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry

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LAXAI - Synthetic Chemistry A

Explore the comprehensive support and expertise available for your drug discovery process.

Our team consists of experienced professional chemists (Ph.D. and Masters) who have been trained at leading big pharma companies and universities in India, the US, and EU. Project-specific teams are organized upon the client’s request and are always led by a dedicated principal scientist and guided by experienced scientific management at LAXAI. Our highly skilled medicinal chemistry team has expertise and in-depth knowledge in preclinical drug discovery and is well-equipped to deliver on our clients’ expectations. The team has hands-on experience working on projects in various therapeutic areas, including oncology, central nervous system, inflammation, metabolic disorders, and anti-infective.

Medicinal chemistry support: We provide medicinal chemistry support for drug discovery and development, including library synthesis, parallel synthesis, reference compound synthesis, pro-drug synthesis, salt selection studies, and preclinical scale-up under GMP and non-GMP protocols.

Synthetic chemistry:

  • Multi-step synthesis and characterisation of target molecules.
  • Synthesis of Reference compounds and Metabolites
  • Custom synthesis of macrocyclics, reference standards & Impurity synthesis
  • Library design for Macrocyclic, Kinases, Proteases, Linkers of bioconjugation (anti-body, peptide drug-conjugates), heterocyclic based boronic acid, boronic esters, Carbohydrates, Peptides (10-12 amino acid side chains).
  • Key intermediates synthesis of quantity from milligram to multi-kilogram scale.
  • Synthesis of Lipids, PROTAC compounds, Nucleosides, and Nucleotides.
  • Expertise in Photochemical and electrochemical reactions.

We have the capability to synthesize compounds in the smallest quantity of a milligram to multi-kilogram quantities in a cost-efficient manner and deliver them within the given time frame. We provide our clients with Certificates of Analysis (COA), including analytical test reports and a concise final report in the desired format.

Infrastructure and Instrumentation:

  • Electronic laboratory notebooks (CDD Vault)
  • Cheminformatics software (ChemOffice, CS Chemdraw)
  • Scifinder Access and Reaxys Access
  • SharePoint Access
  • Teledyne-ISCO CombiFlash ® RF:Automated chromatography purification instrument. Equipped with UV and ELSD detectors.
  • Biotage CombiFlash ® RF:Automated chromatography purification instrument. Equipped with UV and ELSD detectors.
  • Grace Reveleris CombiFlash, Automated chromatography purification instrument. Equipped with UV and ELSD detectors
  • C-18 CombiFlash Columns (4g, 12g and 40g)
  • Rota-Evaporators
  • Diaphragm high vacuum pumps
  • High Vaccum pumps
  • CEM Discover ® Microwave Reactor
  • Radleys Parallel Synthesizer
  • Magnetic Stirrer-Oil bath Heating
  • Regular Magnetic Stirrer
  • Ceramic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
  • Advanced Fume Hoods (Argon, Nitrogen, and Water circulation)
  • Manifold system set up in every Fume Hoods
  • Air Flow Meter in the Hood
  • TLC UV Cabinet
  • Assorted Steel Bomb for high pressure reactions
  • Assorted Hydrogenation Reactors
  • Assorted overhead stirrers
  • Assorted Heating Mantles
  • THF Distillation Assembly
  • Analytical Balance Digital Precision Scale (mg scale)
  • Photochemical/ElectraSyn Set up