MegaShear High Shear Mixer


The highest shear rotor/stator design is the new Ross MegaShear rotor/stator mixer...

The last stepin rotor/stator design is the new Ross MegaShear rotor/stator mixer.

The high-velocity vanes in the center of the stator premix the product and accelerate it into a system of semicylindrical grooves on the vertical faces of the rotor and stator. The result is a high level of mechanical and hydraulic shear applied to the product.

The MegaShear pumps up to 500 gpm without an auxiliary pump and high tip speeds to over 11,000 fpm.The rotor/stator generates both high shear and high flow and breaks apart virtually all particles and droplets in a single pass. By eliminating the need for inline recirculation, the mixer also delivers an important improvement in process control. Unlike recirculating systems, in which passes through the rotor/stator were estimated statistically, the unit operates with exactly one pass through the rotor/stator – a statistical certainty.


Charles Ross and Son Company