News | February 24, 2021

Meissner Expands M-Flex™ TPE Tubing Portfolio

Source: Meissner Filtration Products
Mflex Expanded

Meissner has responded to the industry’s thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing shortage by delivering a substantially equivalent TPE tubing for biopharmaceutical applications. The M-Flex™ portfolio has been expanded to include standard tubing sizes from ⅛-inch ID through 1-inch ID.

The expanded range of M-Flex™ tubing is in stock and ready for immediate specification into critical single-use assemblies. The new tubing diameters include: ¼″ ID (inner diameter) x ½″ OD (outer diameter), ⅜″ ID x 9 ⁄16″ OD, ¾″ ID x 1⅛″ OD, and 1″ ID x 1⅜″ OD. M-Flex™ tubing welds and seals using common industry thermal tubing welders and sealers with standard recipes. M-Flex™ can be welded to itself or to other TPE tubing, such as C-Flex®, using the same settings as required by C-Flex® 374.

M-Flex™ tubing’s expanded range of sizes makes it the ideal replacement tubing option for critical biopharmaceutical applications. It can be sterilized by gamma irradiation or autoclave. A comprehensive qualification guide is available to help assist clients in the qualification process.

Meissner manufactures advanced microfiltration and One-Touch® single-use systems used in the sterilization and processing of drugs, reagents, vaccines, and other critical pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing applications. For more information on the expanded range of M-Flex™ tubing options, please visit

Source: Meissner Filtration Products