News | April 5, 2010

Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision Delivers High Accuracy Inspection Of Plastic Bottle Necks


Aurora, IL – Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision, the leader in vision inspection systems, is pleased to introduce an advanced inspection system that accurately inspects bottle necks regardless of the position of the bottle on the conveyor by utilizing a Telecentric lens.

Conventional lenses receive light in a cone configuration, making objects closer to the lens appear to be larger, which can affect the inspection result. Because the Telecentric lens receives light in straight lines, distance does not affect image size. This enables accurate inspection of oval bottles, for example, whose shape varies the distance of the neck from the camera, depending on the bottle's orientation on the conveyor.

Through the use of telecentric lenses, the Empty Bottle Inspection system more accurately then ever verifies that neck threads are completely formed and not notched, inspects the sealing surface of the neck for planarity and detects molding flash. An overhead camera inspects for choked neck opening and for ovality of the neck opening.

The system can also inspect the bottle sidewalls and bottom for embedded particulate contamination, blisters and bubbles in material, and window flaws such as swirls in coloring and imperfections in surface finish.

The advanced system utilizes multiple cameras and sophisticated CIVCore ® proprietary software to complete all of these inspection operations simultaneously, speeding bottles through the inspection process. The system also changes over quickly to inspect new products. Changeover from a 25-ounce bottle to a 250-ounce bottle, for instance, involves simply selecting the proper part from the system library using a touch screen. On premium system, the system then automatically moves conveyors, cameras and lights to predetermined optimum positions.

The system includes the vision processor, the neck inspection cameras with telecentric lenses as well as overhead and body inspection cameras, CIVCore Vision Engine software and all necessary cables as well as camera mounts, light mounts specific to the application and a touch screen monitor.

About Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision
Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision is a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of machine vision inspection systems for a wide range of applications from manufacturing and molding operations to high-speed beverage and food packaging lines. Inspection systems include all hardware, software, installation, start-up, training and documentation.

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