Micro-Ingredient Feeder With Contained Powder Transfer


The Coperion K-Tron Microfeeder for low rate powder feeding includes design options for handling toxic powders as well as difficult flowing materials.

The Microfeeder feed rate capacity can handle rates from 0.02 dm3/hr to 27dm3/hr and includes interchangeable 12mm and 16mm twin and single screw feeding modules.

Design options include the use of split butterfly valves for contained refill of the feeder during continuous and batch operations. In addition, the use of a special integrated impactor design can be included to avoid bridging within the hopper, which can occur with difficult flowing API’s, without affecting the accuracy of the feeder.

This Microfeeder design is ideal for applications feeding highly toxic API’s to high pharmaceutical or chemical process that require second to second performance with a high degree of accuracy.