Particulate and Powder Characterization Services

Source: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
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The extensive variety of technical capabilities and expertise acquired over 55 years at Particle Testing Authority allows us to offer comprehensive testing and analysis services which will effectively support pharmaceutical development in areas such as pre-formulation and formulation as well as assure quality of the manufacturing process.

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We ARE The Particle Testing Authority

Since the Particle Testing Authority started as a division of a leading manufacturer of particle characterization equipment – Micromeritics Instrument Corp. – we have been uniquely positioned to offer our customers expertise that is unrivalled by other contract analytical services laboratories.  Due to our continual engineering, design, development and manufacturing expertise for more than 55 years, we literally know the instrumentation from cradle to grave.

This experience enables us to get the very most out of the instrumentation and determine which test methods and techniques will produce the best results possible.  In addition, our application scientists have >200 years of combined experience in solving real-life process and quality problems with pharmaceutical and biological products.  This means that we have the ideal combination of high-quality instrumentation and application expertise to support your contract testing needs.  Whether you are outsourcing your pharmaceutical testing and analysis for a short-term project, extending your resources, creating a stop gap until you build the capabilities in-house, or experience needs that grow along with your business; the Particle Testing Authority is the ideal partner for you.

Specifically, we offer the following routine services:

  • Particle Size Analysis – Particle size distribution using a variety of techniques including laser light scattering, sedimentation, electrozone sensing, dynamic image analysis, sieves and microscopy
  • Surface Area Analysis by gas adsorption - B.E.T. and Langmuir surface area methods using N2 or Kr as adsorptive gas
  • Pore Volume or Pore Size Distribution - Macropore, Mesopore and Micropore Distributions by Gas Adsorption and Mercury Intrusion/Extrusion techniques
  • Density Measurements - True density determined using a gas pycnometer, bulk density, envelope density, T.A.P. density, and foam density
  • Chemisorption Experiments - Catalyst characterization methods include percent metal dispersion, metal surface area and TPR/TPD/TPO with mass spectrometry, heat of adsorption & desorption
  • Microscopy Services - Wide range of Microscopy techniques including SEM, TEM, PLM, FTIR, and SWLIM for surface roughness.
  • Thermal Analysis – DSC and TGA
  • Vapor Sorption Experiments – dynamic vapor sorption, inverse gas chromatography, and surface energy
  • Other Analyses - Too numerous to list here; see our website for a complete list of the services offered.

Particle Testing Authority specializes in the characterization of fine powders and solid materials. We are a DEA licensed, FDA registered, cGMP compliant laboratory.

cGMP Compliant/FDA Registered
Micromeritics Analytical Services is registered with the FDA (Number 3003778267). We can provide compliance documentation letter upon request.

Micromeritics Analytical Services has also applied for and received a license to analyze class II, III, IV, and V controlled substances. Our State of Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency license number is PHRS000423. Our Federal Drug Enforcement Agency License number is RM0317796.

We are also a member of the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL). ACIL is a trade association representing independent, commercial scientific and engineering firms.

We have expanded our operations to meet the needs of our multinational clients. Our Shanghai, China laboratory supports our growing Chinese customer base as well as others in Asia.  In addition, a new testing lab in Germany provides our particle testing services for our European customers.

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Datasheet: Particle Testing Authority