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Morimoto Pharma Reveals New Exposure Prevention Prefilled Syringe Kits


Next Generation Injection Kit Designed by former Takeda Chief Researcher

Osaka, Japan /PRNewswire/ - Morimoto Pharma (founded by former Takeda and industry veterans) has revealed their new prefilled syringe product, the Morimoto S.A.F.E. Syringe Kit ™ (Smart Accident prevention, Fast & Easy). With the S.A.F.E. Syringe Kit ™, injection prep is performed inside an enclosed system to protect nurses and pharmacists from exposure to harmful compounds.

The kit combines a vial, pre-attached needle syringe, and a tube-shaped container into an innovative synergistic design. It is expected to be safer and easier to use for healthcare workers compared to existing products. The current development timeline is that the kit (shipped prefilled with a drug, ready to use) will be approved within the next few years and then commercial manufacturing can begin.

S.A.F.E. Syringe Kit ™ Benefits

  • Smart : Designed with Healthcare Workers in Mind
  • Accident prevention : Accidental Needlestick and Exposure Prevention
  • Fast : Quick Zero-loss Prep
  • Easy : Compact Design Makes it Easy to Administer, Lessens Patient Needle Phobia; Less Waste, Simple Disposal

Unique compared to traditional injection methods, the kit consists a vial filled with solution and a syringe filled with drug powder shipped in a tube-shaped container. Dissolving the drug powder inside of the syringe rather than the vial is quicker and ensures all the drug is injected (zero-loss). This design also allows a syringe size that is significantly smaller than recent dual chambered syringes which makes it easy to administer and lessens patient needle phobia.

In recent years, much attention has been focused on protecting healthcare workers from exposure to harmful drugs (e.g. anticancer agents). With Morimoto's prefilled syringe kit, injection preparation is performed inside a closed environment and thus prevents accidental needlesticks and exposure. Because the syringe is returned to the container immediately after administration and extra supplies are not needed, waste is reduced and disposal is safer.

"We are 100% committed to releasing a truly next generation device that is safer for healthcare workers, and at the same time, is easier and faster to use," said President Shuji Morimoto.

About Morimoto Pharma
Morimoto Pharma believes in innovation in design to improve the safety and administration of medication. We are always working to serve both patients and healthcare professionals. Please visit us at to learn more.

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