Multicomponent Dosing System

Source: ILC Dover
Multicomponent Dosing System

The mixer is loaded with the individual raw materials exactly according to the formulation. The combination of Dosicon®  weighing equipment with suction conveying units fulfils this task. Fundamental advanrages of JetSolutions automatic multi-component dosing are high dosing accuracy (for quantities ranging from a few hundred grams to several hundred kilos), the prevention of cross-contamination risks, and freedom from dust.

The company JetSolutions SA was created in 2002 by two engineers, Mr. Daniel Leva and Mr. Patrick Mayor. The company currently employed twenty high qualified personnel in the powder and liquid handling domain.

In terms of a sustainable future success and with the aim of enhancing our service we have accepted the take-over bid of our long term partner ILC Dover LP.

Our main customers are well established in the Pharmaceutical, the Food and the Chemical industry. Over the years, the activity field of JetSolutions was adapted to suit the market requirements. The activity fields are Powder and Liquid Mixing, Process Equipments, High Containment Systems, Turnkey Installations, After Sales Services.