News | January 23, 2007

New Ross X-Series High Shear Mixer Offered

New Ross X-Series High Shear Mixer Offered

The X-Series High Shear Mixer being offered by Charles Ross and Son Company is now being offered with several new optional design features.

The mixer shown includes the following new optional features:

  • Rotor-stator gap adjustment from .010 to .030"
  • Jacketed mix chamber for 50 psig
  • Cored stator for heating or cooling
  • Stainless steel seal barrier tank
  • Cooling system for bearing housing with type J thermocouple
  • 75 HP drive for operation at 5800 rpm

This patented design includes a unique rotor-stator generator that creates high shear rates at tip speeds up to 17,000 feet per minute. The X-Series mixers in are offered in several standard industrial and sanitary designs up to 250 hp. All wetted parts are typically constructed of type 316-stainless steel and include double mechanical seals to meet the needs of the application for which it will be used.

The X-Series mixer is typically used for the production of fine emulsions and dispersions. Sub micron particle sizes are easily produced using this model.

SOURCE: Charles Ross and Son Company

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