News | April 7, 2010

Nextrials' Prism Supports iPad For Mobile Access To Patient Data In Clinical Trial & Healthcare

Nextrials, Inc. (, a leader in clinical research software and services, today announced that the latest version of its Prism™ electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical trial data management platform will now support anytime/anywhere data access via the Apple® iPad™ slate computer. Because Prism 3.0 is fully integrated with platforms traditionally used for electronic health records (EHR) within the healthcare setting, its compatibility with the iPad enables physicians, researchers and others to have real-time access to data regardless of locale, and delivers that data in the familiar graphical formats traditionally generated by Prism on a desktop computer.

"With its bigger screen, imaging power and a number of medical applications in development, the Apple iPad is expected to quickly advance the idea of entering data at the bedside for use in both clinical trials and a patient's permanent electronic health record," noted James Rogers, CEO and co-founder of Nextrials. "As usage of an integrated EDC/EHR platform continues to grow, Prism's compatibility with the iPad and the Apple® iPhone™ becomes increasingly important for multi-site organizations and ones where immediate access to ongoing data is critical. Nextrials continues to set the pace for giving relevant users current reports and live patient data at their fingertips."

The iPad has the potential of meeting many specific healthcare needs, such as serving as a handheld terminal for physician-led grand rounds, the examination of x-rays at remote locations and histology reviews. In the clinical trial setting, it can give researchers instant access to adverse event data, patient recruitment status, supply availability and other critical real-time data.

Nextrials' award-winning Prism melds sophisticated clinical trial management functionality with EDC in a single, integrated package. By receiving a constant flow of data, Prism enables sponsors and sites to fully utilize real-time integration of disparate information and data sources, such as a hospital's EHR or patient records, to better provide a continuum of care for patients enrolled in clinical trials. Prism is the only platform to be successfully used in a multi-site study where real-time, live patient data was collected and shared by what had previously been two disparate data management platforms.

About Nextrials, Inc.

Founded by pharmaceutical researchers in 1999, Nextrials offers today's most novel products and services for speeding the delivery of life-saving drugs and medical devices to market. Prism™, its award-winning Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution, has been used at over 1,500 research sites to streamline the initiation and management of clinical trials. The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area. For more information, visit or call 925-355-3000. A podcast by co-founder and CEO James Rogers on the incorporation of electronic health records into the clinical trial process is also available at