News | August 1, 2008

NJM/CLI Introduces e-Pedigree Serialization Solutions At Pack Expo

NJM CLI ePedigree Serialization.jpg

NJM/CLI introduced a new integrated packaging line that complies with electronic pedigree serialization and track-and-trace initiatives for regulated pharmaceuticals. The turnkey line affixes serialized 2-D bar codes or RFID labels on bottles, bundles, cases and pallets, captures the serialized codes and makes the data available to e-pedigree software via an Ethernet connection. This packaging line helps pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce counterfeiting and assure patient safety while improving inventory management.

As the line integrator, NJM/CLI combines field-proven, best-in-class technologies including Optel vision systems, Omega shrink bundlers, Belcor case erectors and case tapers and NJM/CLI labelers such as the Model 130 Bronco pressure sensitive labeler and Model 400 print & apply labeler. Offering customers single source responsibility, turnkey line integration services and full validation support, NJM/CLI's "total solution" approach eases implementation and assures a seamless experience.

NJM/CLI's standard e-pedigree serialization line handles square bottles from 50 to 950 cc. Options for handling non-square bottles are available. Using a thermal transfer printer to produce 2-D bar codes, the standard line can handle up to 200 bottles per minute. If higher speeds are required, NJM/CLI can integrate an optional laser coder for 2-D bar code printing. The standard line on exhibit at Pack Expo features a semi-automatic case packer and palletizer but fully automated options are available.

The turnkey line begins with NJM/CLI's servo-driven Model 130 Bronco pressure sensitive labeler, followed by a vision system from Optel to capture and control item-level serialized codes. A separating wheel and reject shelf enables defects to be ejected automatically from the line. An Omega SL-18 Shrink Bundler is followed by NJM/CLI's Model 400 Print & Apply labeler with an optional Zebra RFID printer and a second Optel vision system. After the collection tray, a Belcor 507 Case Erector and Belcor 252 Case Taper, a second Model 400 Print & Apply labeler, with optional Zebra RFID printer, is followed by the third Optel vision system.

NJM/CLI designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of packaging equipment, offering customers single source responsibility, turnkey line integration services, full validation support, and after sales service and support. This benefits customers packaging pharmaceutical/nutraceutical/ vitamin and personal care products. By manufacturing machines and supplying quality equipment from other leading manufacturers, NJM/CLI provides integrated lines that include a wide variety of machines, including RFID tagging solutions. NJM/CLI maintains corporate headquarters in the USA and Canada.