NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5810 CO2 Incubator

Source: NuAire, Inc.
NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5810

The In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) NU-5810 Microbiological CO2 Incubator features a 145°C dry sterilization cycle and 95°C humidified decontamination cycle as an added defensive against incubator contamination providing an optimal controlled environment for cell growth

The In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles provides lab workers with a controlled in-vitro environment in which to grow cell tissue cultures. The sterilization cycle CO2 incubator offers temperature and CO2 gas control, state-of-the-art computer technology, and precise design to deliver the highest performance standards possible. The incubator also has the capability to store and preserve gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature.

Outstanding Technology

NuTouch Electronic Control System

For easy control over the incubator, the In-VitroCell ES NU-5810 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator with Dual Sterilization Cycles has the NuTouch control system, which has an easy-to-use touch screen, multiple language options (English, Spanish, French, and German) and safe password protection. The control system has ROM for software, RAM for storage and EEPROM for controlling parameters. The NuTouch system makes using the incubator safer and more efficient with temperature and gas controls and monitors, maintenance reminders, alarm status menus and more.

Constant Contamination Control

Dual Sterilization

To avoid any contamination in the growth chamber, the NU-5810 offers dual sterilization cycles: a 95°C wet cycle and a 145°C dry air sterilization cycle. The cycles, which are accessed using the NuTouch Electronic Control System, have a time delay option, and they can be utilized as a preventative measure to protect products in the chamber.

Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

The NU-5810 uses an air pump to draw air out of two different locations within the incubator, then passes them through a 99.99 percent HEPA filter. Using an IR sensor, the system then measures CO2 gas levels and moves air back into the incubator. This closed-loop system allows the incubator to either place the system on standby or injects CO2 gas or air into the chamber, to maintain set-point conditions.
Coved Corners

Inside the sterilization cycle CO2 incubator, the chamber has coved interior corners. This helps promote a clean and safe growth chamber for products since the corners are seamless.

Growth-Promoting Design

Minimal Vibration

The NU-5810 was created with only a few moving parts to minimize the vibration in the incubator. This allows the machine to be accurate when injecting air and provide an optimal cell growth environment.

Temperature and Gas Recovery

The NU-5810 sterilization cycle CO2 incubator is equipped with the technology for both gas and temperature recovery after the incubator door is opened.

Temperature Uniformity

To control the temperature within the incubator growth chamber, the chamber walls are surrounded by five heating elements, each of which is wrapped with high-density R5 insulation. The incubator also has a door heater, which helps minimize condensation. To monitor the temperature while the incubator is being used and to ensure it is uniform throughout, the NU-5810 has dual temperature sensor probes.

Humidity Control

The humidity within the NU-5810 incubator is controlled with a stainless steel pan, which is located at the bottom of the incubator's chamber. This humidity control method pumps fresh air into the chamber to avoid the formation of condensation, and it allows you to reach a humidity level of up to 90 percent within the device.

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