NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5820 CO2 Incubator

Source: NuAire, Inc.
NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5820

The In-VitroCell ES NU-5820 Microbiological CO2 Incubator features relative humidity (RH) control for cell lines prone to desiccation by utilizing a sensor that measures humidity in the chamber and injects 99.99% HEPA filtered vapor into the growth chamber to maintain setpoint.

Promote cell growth while minimizing potential contamination with this In-VitroCell ES humidity control CO2 incubator. Ideal for cell lines prone to desiccation, this incubator accurately measures and controls relative humidity.

Constant Contamination Control

Closed-Loop HEPA Filtration

Ensure constant contamination control with a multistep process in a closed system. An air pump, HEPA filtration, and IR and RH sensor bay make up the closed loop, all controlled by the NuTouch ECS. The closed-loop system lowers airflow, so air is changed only once every 20 minutes, minimizing desiccation.

Keep Contaminated Lab Air Out

Growth chamber air is maintained at a positive pressure, similar to an ISO 5 cleanroom, preventing contaminated lab air from being drawn into the chamber when the door is open. Any air or gas entering the chamber must first pass through the 99.99 percent HEPA filters.

Dual Sterilization Cycles

Keep the incubator chamber sterile with dual sterilization cycles. Use 145 degrees C high-heat sterilization or 95 degrees C humidified decontamination to eradicate contamination. Sterilization cycles can be set to run on a timer using the NuTouch ECS.


Contamination-Preventing Design

Prevent contamination from the start with this crevice-free chamber constructed of high-grade 16-gauge stainless steel. The seamless coved interior corners are easy to clean, and the inert surface does not promote biological growth. A single-piece gasket creates a liquid-tight seal from incubator chamber to inner door to eliminate condensation build-up and potential contamination. You can also remove the inner chamber shelving and gasket for autoclaving.

Minimal Vibration Promotes Cell Growth

The maintenance-free air pump, combined with minimal moving parts, eliminates vibration that could disturb cell growth.


Sensitivity and Accuracy of CO2 Control

Accurately control the level of CO2 in the growth chamber with the single-source dual-wave infrared (IR) sensor. This nondispersive sensor is insensitive to components other than CO2 and creates a stable output that minimizes drift and requires less calibration.

NuTouch Electronic Control System

Program the optimum conditions for culture growth with the NuTouch electronic control system (ECS). This user-friendly touch screen system lets lab workers quickly input and monitor temperature and CO2 following the step-by-step onscreen instructions. The screen displays system status throughout the incubation process, including sounding an alarm if there's a system failure.


Relative Humidity Control

Maintain relative humidity up to 95 percent in the incubator. A reservoir under the chamber holds water, which is vaporized and injected into the chamber when the continuously sampling RH sensor measures a decrease in humidity.

Temperature Uniformity

Ensure the internal temperature of the incubator never rises or falls more than 0.35 degrees C (at 37 degrees C). Five heating elements surround the chamber, and the door is heated separately to minimize condensation. Dual temperature sensor probes convey information to the NuTouch ECS, which makes adjustments as necessary.