Optimizing Quality And Driving Costs Down With Vision Inspection Systems

Source: Cognex Corporation


Cognex vision systems and sensors help companies improve their manufacturing quality and performance. Eliminating defects ... verifying assembly ... tracking and capturing information at every stage of production, to make sure the entire process is completed correctly. Smarter automation using Cognex vision means fewer production errors ... and that means lower manufacturing costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Cognex is the world’s most trusted vision company. With over half a million systems installed in factories around the world, we have the experience and application knowledge to ensure that our vision system will do exactly the job you need ... time after time after time.

From quality checking to lot tracking, from assembly inspection to robot guidance — Cognex vision works tirelessly to optimize quality and drive down costs in many ways.


  • Defective parts
  • Production costs
  • Labor costs
  • Scrap and rework
  • Production errors


  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Traceability
  • Brand image