News Feature | March 17, 2014

ORBCOMM Expands M2M Offering With Euroscan Cold Chain Acquisition

By Liisa Vexler

The acquisition of Euroscan Holdings, B.V. (Euroscan) by ORBCOMM is now complete.  Euroscan is a global market leader in the supply of recording systems for the transportation of goods requiring special temperature controlled environments.

Euroscan produces recording equipment that monitor the transport environment for pharmaceuticals and food, making sure that they comply with regulations throughout the supply chain. Regulations include those enforced by European cold chain and food safety regulations. In recent times Euroscan have moved towards producing recording equipment with machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless capability and now promotes and sells equipment to wireless telematic solution providers. The company now boasts 10,000 wireless subscribers out of its installed base of 200,000 recording units worldwide.  A large proportion of Euroscan’s equipment is installed on refrigerated trucks, trailers and other transporters as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) installations.

There has been increased need for telematics services that allow monitoring of the transportation environment and this has placed a demand on the production of wireless solutions for the business.  As a result ORBCOMM see the acquisition as a strategy for expanding its range of expertise so that it can continue to offer end-to-end solutions to customers. ORBCOMM will now be able to access Euroscan’s distribution network in Europe and use it to promote its existing range of M2M products and service offerings for target industries in the transport and heavy equipment market. Additionally, ORBCOMM believes that the expansion of its range of products will be a driver for growth throughout Euroscan’s channels of distribution in South America, South Africa, and the Far East. The transaction will also incorporate plans to scale up ORBCOMM’s North American offering with the addition of Ameriscan, Euroscan’s North American Subsidiary, to the portfolio.