Article | October 1, 2013

Origin Of Biological Safety Cabinets: The Evolution Of Human Inclination

Source: Labconco Corporation

By Brian Garrett, Labconco Product Manager and Scott Anthony Patterson, Labconco Web Content Supervisor

The Purifier Logic®+ design team scrutinized every biological safety cabinet, intent on finding, designing and integrating the best possible features. The Result? Decidedly the most extensive human factors package, Inclination™ Technology, and the MyLogic™ Operating System.

History carried Labconco through a vast evolution of Human Factors/Ergonomic design. The first Class II Biosafety Cabinets resembled fume hoods in general appearance. They were console units with 90° vertical safety glass sashes, which would not fully close when the BSC was not in use. The flaw in the design was that microbiological tasks tend to require significant time to perform, and the work can be highly repetitive in nature. Standing at a BSC of this type all day is an exceedingly unpleasant task, which puts substantial strain on the back, legs, arms and neck.