PAC CHECK® 800 Series: Package Integrity Tester

Source: MOCON, Inc.

The PAC CHECK 800M series is a package integrity tester. This package integrity analyzer has a combination leak detector, oxygen headspace analyzer, and package volume measurer. It's a quality control device for the measurement of important headspace analysis and leak parameters. It is also used as a research and development tool in package shelf-life studies.

Leak Detector, Oxygen Headspace Analyzer and Package Volume Calculator - 3 in 1 Package Integrity Analyzer

As a 3 in 1 system, the PAC CHECK 800 series can determine leak hole sizes, analyze oxygen headspace and measure package volume. Never before has one system given you the answers critical in the determination of package and accurately!

These instruments use MOCON's patented AccuLeak™ technology to determine the absolute leak rate of your package. AccuLeak™ uses Poiseuille's Law to determine this. According to Poiseuille's Law, given pressure, flow and hole length (whether material thickness in the case of a pin hole lead, or seam length in the case of a channel leak) absolute aggregate hole size can be determined. With the PAC CHECK Package Integrity Analyzer, material thickness and/or seam length is entered and the analyzer will measure pressure and flow, allowing for the precise determination of absolute aggregate hole size.

The benchtop PAC CHECK® Model 840 Features:

  • Ability to measure in one quick analysis, three critical variables
  • Calculates the real and absolute leak size in a flexible or semi-rigid package
  • Ability to detect channel leaks from 0.0008 - 0.009”
  • Certified NIST traceable leaks for instrument validation
  • Flo -Smart™ technology detects any blockage of sample flow into the instrument
  • Store up to 240 test results that can be sorted by multiple criteria


The PAC CHECK® Model 820 is portable and uses the InFlux™ vacuum/flow method for a channel or pin hole leak. There are several benefits to the InFlux™ vacuum/flow method utilized in the PAC CHECK Package Integrity Analyzer over traditional positive pressure leak detectors:

  • Increased sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability
  • Eliminates errors caused by package creep, as well as from artificial stresses on package seals
  • Leak measurement is not package volume dependent
  • Ability to calculate three measurements simultaneously -headspace, leak and volume