Pharma Negative Pressure Conveyor for Powders

Source: ILC Dover
Pharma Negative Pressure Conveyor for Powders

The negative pressure conveying is dedicated to small quantity of powder or granulates when:

  • the conveying capacity is limited
  • the conveying distance is average
  • the product is “easy” to convey

The negative pressure facilities designed by JetSolutions SA work under vacuum = -0,4 bar (600 mbar abs.) and with pipe diameters up to 100 mm. This means a capacity up to approx. 10 to/hr with a ratio «solid/air» equivalent to approx. 5 to 10.

We recommend using «negative pressure conveying» as much as possible because of the following advantages:

  • less dust emission when discharging bags into the station (under vacuum)
  • no risk of dust emission if the pipe is leaking
  • simplification of the design of the discharge station

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