Pharma Pneumatic Conveyor for Powders or Granules

Source: ILC Dover
Pharma Pneumatic Conveyor for Powders or Granules

The pneumatic POSITIVE pressure conveying (or PRESSURE conveying) is dedicated  to the transfer of larger quantities of powder or granulates under following conditions:

  • When the conveying capacity is high
  • When the distance and/or height of transfer is high
  • When the powder or granulate is «difficult» flowing
  • When „dense phase“ conveying is required

The positive pressure conveyors of JetSolutions SA work under pressure of approx +0.8 bar (800 mbar rel.) and with pipe diameter up to 250 mm. Under these conditions the conveying capacity is around 30 to/hr with a «solid / air» ratio equivalent to 10 and more.

We recommend preferring the negative pressure versus positive pressure conveying. The positive pressure conveying shows the following disadvantages:

  • More dust emission when discharging powder into a hopper
  • More risk of dust emission in case of a leaking pipe
  • More complex equipment at the loading point of the powder (blow tank or proof air lock needed)

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