Pharmaceutical Automation Systems

Source: Festo Corporation

In the field of biotech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs can cause headaches. The remedy: efficiently automated systems. Festo has solutions that guarantee reliably reproducible product quality and make your systems more flexible – from API manufacturing and formulation, right on up to filling and packaging.

Increased productivity from a single source

Festo is well acquainted with the processes and requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics production and biotechnology. We’re familiar with the various manufacturing scenarios for personal care products, pharmaceuticals, creams and tablets, for API manufacturing in the cleanroom and for quality control, filling and packaging.

We have worked together closely with machinery manufacturers who service these sectors for many years, providing them with flexible, failsafe automation concepts throughout the entire value chain – from planning and procurement to installation and commissioning, right on up to on-site service. Festo gives you a significant advantage, offering products, modules and ready-to-install solutions, engineering services and practical support from a single source: simple, ideally matched to each other and available around the globe.