Pharmaceutical Checkweigher System


Our pharmaceutical checkweighers are sensitive enough to detect variations in weight as slight as the presence of a sheet of paper - meaning that packages that are missing instructions for use are identified and removed before they can reach consumers. This is of critical importance when it comes to pharmaceutical products, as missing instructions for proper use can trigger a product recall causing damage to your brand and reputation. It can also have disastrous consequences for end users too.

Pharmaceutical Checkweighers can be equipped with our Process Safety Kit, which adds further monitoring options in order to comply with safety and quality assurance regulations. This does not just include simple completeness verification, but open flap detection to help remove packages which may otherwise disrupt the production process, such as askew products or products which have not been properly closed. The system detects these issues and removes the problematic product - and can even be programmed to sort the rejected items into separate reject bins depending on the issue.

We recommend all our customers keep an audit trail, but in the pharmaceutical industry such things are not just a suggestion - they are a requirement. Our pharmaceutical checkweighers feature extensive documentation and auditing software that helps achieve compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 by providing a clear record of all user activity and changes made to the system.

Serialization of pharmaceutical products is an industry requirement across the globe and a critical part of the production process. When production space is limited, combining both checkweighing and serialization capabilities is an efficient use of space. Our pharmaceutical checkweighers can be fitted with the components necessary for the printing, verification and recording of the critical serialization information required by governments across the globe.

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