Pharmaceutical Checkweighers From Wipotec

Source: Wipotec
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Wipotec's high-performance pharmaceutical checkweighers check your packed or unpacked products down to the milligram.

They permit the precise weighing and documentation of even very light objects such as individual tablets – the exact control of ingredient dosing is an important factor in drug safety. By checking the weight of packed products, the completeness of the pack is reliably checked. For quick, reliable weight determination, the Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) function plays an important role that compensates for interference due to vibration in the area around the weigher by an intelligent algorithm. Within fractions of a second, the weight is determined and objects with the wrong weight reliably detected.

The throughput is further increased by means of multilane applications, which weigh several objects in parallel, with consistent accuracy. The checkweighers can be used as stand-alone solutions or integrated into your existing lines as OEM modules. The system reliably and automatically removes packages or objects with the wrong weight from the product flow. To ensure control over sources of error at all times, combined solutions have separate ejection systems for printing errors and objects with incorrect weights. Ejections are always made into separate, lockable ejection chutes.