Pharmaceutical De-Nesting Equipment For Syringes And Cartridges

Source: GF

The DNS machines are designed for de-nesting pharmaceutical syringes and cartridges in nest without damaging them. Thanks to their precision, you can reach a higher speed and automatically connect the filling machine with the final production system. DNS machines are characterized by: Robotized precise handling of pharmaceutical syringes/cartridges, Automated tub and nest handling, Convenient operation with touch screen, and Secure and efficient recipe management.

GF supplies fully automatic high-technology machines able to process a wide range of containers such as pharmaceutical ampoules, vials, syringes, cartridges, glass/plastic bottles, and soft bags.  Our systems are designed and manufactured to treat liquid, viscous, and powder products.

The professional approach, management structure, significant R&D investments for developing state of the art solutions, engineering excellence and short time-to-market responses are distinctive qualities for which GF is recognized. Thus, making GF an international reference in the fields in which it operates.