Pharmaceutical Drum Lift: Uni-Hoist HPS (Hoist Pneumatic Stationary)

Source: Hanningfield Process Systems Ltd


The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist HPS (Hoist Pneumatic Stationary) is an air-operated lifting column, with different arm attachments for the handling of IBCs, drums, containers and process machinery (e.g. mills, mixers, vacuum conveyors etc.).

The Uni-Hoist HPS is perfect for the automated handling of containers, and can be used to Raise, Lower, Invert, Rotate and Dock; this ensures full control for a safe, accurate and repeatable process. These functions can be undertaken at the simple press of a button, requiring only a compressed air supply in order to operate. The intrinsically safe nature of air devices make them perfect for applications in Ex-rated areas.

An under-slung pneumatic motor is used to drive the lifting mechanism (lead screw or chain). The motor and gearbox has a removable cover for ease of maintenance. The hoist can be supplied with variable speed air-motor and control system for fast and slow lifting. Slow lifting is designed to be used for the accurate docking of the load, with improved accuracy for positioning and manoeuvring. The hoist can be supplied with limit switches to prevent over-travel.

As standard, the hoist column is manufactured from 304 stainless steel (1.4301), with all exposed materials manufactured from FDA compliant materials such as polyacetal. External surfaces (including welds) are finished to 150 grit (Ra 1.06).

The Uni-Hoist HPS is available for Light-Duty applications (≤ 250kgs).