Pharmaceutical High Shear Mixer/Fluid Bed Systems: GranuLean

Source: Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.

The GranuLean unit from Syntegon combines a high-shear mixer, a fluid bed system and the adequate material handling to a compact, standardized and easily integrated granulation suite.

The production process for pharmaceutical granules can start with the high-shear mixer where the product is fast mixed and efficiently granulated with our unique Gentlewing agitator allowing a fast, controlled discharge with highest yield.

The product is discharged from the high-shear mixer via a wet mill for particle sizing and the wet product then gets automatically transferred into the fluid bed for the drying step. After drying, the product is discharged via a dry mill into an IBC. As an alternative, the fluid bed can be used to granulate your product utilizing tangential or top spray technology.

The air distribution plate Diskjet in combination with the tangential spray system offers highest spray rates and very homogenous granules. Therefore dry milling normally is not required. Special attention was given to an efficient and compact design. Many years of experience with granulation processes allowed us to develop a granulation plant with optimally harmonized components.

An integrated cleaning system and an intuitive state-of-the-art control system complete the package. The compact GranuLean is available in four standardized sizes: 150, 300, 600, 1200.