360° Pharmaceutical Inspection for Semi-Automatic Aggregation

Source: Wipotec-OCS

TQS-CP-Bottle is designed for the perfect integration in bottle or vial production lines. The system can be set up directly at the outlet of any conventional labeling machine to verify the previously serialised labels on individual cylindrical containers via an omnidirectional, 360° inspection.

Key Features

  • Integrated 360° camera module for ultra-fast inspection (aggregation)
  • Secure product handling and separation of cylindrical objects through infeed screw for superior inspection results
  • Semi-automatic aggregation of serialised bottles into shipment cartons
  • Validation packets and documentation IQ/OQ, FDS, RA, TM
  • Tool-free format change
  • Fastest configuration with ConfigureFast

Your Benefits

  • All-in-one operations concept for quick and easy handling
  • Compact, high-tech, multi-functional unit for optimal productivity
  • Maximal integration flexibility through modular design