Article | May 31, 2019

Pharmaceutical Oral, Injectable And Semi-Solid Formulating

Source: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

By Justin Hardwick, Product Engineer

Vial with powder

Pharmaceutical Formulating is the science of mixing different chemical components with a pharmaceutically active ingredient to achieve a final desired therapeutic action. The elements are often not fully compatible and must be mixed following a strict procedure to obtain a stable and durable structure. This task is even more challenging when formulating with natural ingredients. The constant need to create new formulations or reformulate existing formulations requires thorough monitoring of formulation properties.

Formulations can contain over 50 different ingredients, and the fine adjustment of the compositions is the key to a perfect formulation. During the formulation study, it is of high importance to also consider process, packaging and dispensing, storage conditions, and usage conditions. The formula needs to be adapted to all these external parameters.

Whether you are formulating pharmaceutical suspensions, these are the 4 crucial steps to be considered for a full and complete characterization of your formula.

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