Newsletter | February 8, 2024

02.08.24 -- Pharmaceutical Product Inspection Solutions

API/HPAPI Containment Solutions For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Solve your containment challenge by working with a company that understands your process, CPT, expectations, facility allowances and restrictions as well as specific equipment specifications.

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Flow Sciences Inc.

BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group Vial Filling, Labeling, And Inspection Line

SKU: 4427-1. This unused 2021 vial filling line includes a Bausch type 721 de-bagging machine for vial tubs, Bausch type 411 enclosed sterile transfer chamber, and more.

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Federal Equipment Company

Biopharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

Eliminate cross-contamination and assure reliably clean equipment. Even difficult accumulated biomaterial residues on fermentation vessel agitation shafts, thermowells, harvest tubes, and the bevel tips of addition ports easily come clean with Alconox detergents.

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Alconox Inc.

GF Pharmaceutical Bag Inspection

The GF Bag Inspection Machine offers the ideal solution to ensure parenteral products are free of foreign products using multi-point vision station during bag positioning and spinning phase.

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Disinfectants And Solutions For Critical Environments

Contec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products in manufacturing environments worldwide. Explore this listing of our products for mission-critical cleaning.

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Contec, Inc.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Biological Indicators

APEX Biological Indicator products are designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries utilizing H2Ovapor sterilization. The stainless steel carrier is designed for use with today’s isolator and filling line applications.

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Mesa Laboratories

Impact Of Water Activity On The Potency, Purity And Bioavailability Of Oral Solid Dosage Products

Explore laser-based headspace analysis, the impact of USP<922> Water Activity on primary packing selection, and the impact of water activity on the potency, purity, and bioavailability of OSD products.

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Lighthouse Instruments

Analyze Raw Materials to Improve Product Quality

Skyland PIMS process information management system is designed to centralize, organize and analyze product, process and patient data from paper, spreadsheets, ERPs, and other digital systems (e.g., EBR, LIMS, MES).

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