Pharmaceutical Program & Project Management Services

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Our PPM team has significant experience in assisting owners with the development of clean, compliant facilities and processes for companies around the globe. We have the proven ability to develop the design concept, the construction plan/components, and procurement strategy. This ability coupled with a deep understanding of financial analytics required to make projects a reality help us to produce successful projects for our clients. Many of our PPM team members have previously sat in the end-user chair and now are able to assist other firms, like yourself.

We are able to deliver resources with extensive experience in a very short window of time. We can provide PPM team members that will look and act as if they are your employees, watching out for your best interest.

Our Program & Project Management Services

  • Scheduling
  • Conducting team meetings
  • Job site owner’s meetings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Estimates
  • Third-party inspections
  • Constructability and design reviews

Our unique combination of technical knowledge combined with the understanding of today’s leading manufacturing facilities and equipment, allows us to assist clients in every aspect of their capital and process improvement programs.

Our PPM team has worked extensively with grassroots sites, sterile fill suites, CMO’s, big pharma companies, and startups. We have supervised and directed renovations of existing facilities, onsite operations, compliant manufacturing, and containment. Each PPM team member has a long history of successful projects, which is attributed to their depth of knowledge of personnel, products, and industry peers.

Our team has experience in flow diagrams for all aspects of biotech and pharmaceutical process systems, utilities, and facilities. We regularly align facility and process details for owner board presentations and can help estimate the costs related to building, from facilities to components. We pay attention to spatial alignment, room for maintenance access, future expansion, and ergonomic layouts. These are critical considerations when looking a manufacturing facility and process.  We have the ability to estimate the cost of both engineering and construction of facilities, process utilities, process equipment, and full-scale operations.

We have the technical resources that will fit your needs at CAI. For program management, project management, and more – you can count on CAI’s PPM team to deliver resources that will meet your internal stakeholder’s expectations.