Pharmaceutical Pulse-Jet Filters

Pulse-Jet Filters.jpg

Pulse-Jet Filters provide automatic material-from-air separation. Airborne particles are separated by the filter media. Then sequenced, compressed-air pulses clean the filters, dropping the once airborne material into the hopper or silo.


  • Filtration efficiency as per application requirement (environmental standard and higher process requirements such as HEPA)
  • Filters can be optimized for various applications
  • Solutions for explosion protection, high pressure, high temperature, heating/cooling of housing, discharge aids are available
  • Wide range, based on many years of experience and different applications in plant engineering
  • Materials of construction include carbon steel and stainless steel but also can include special materials
  • Filters can be equipped with stands, platforms, discharge valves, etc.
  • Sanitary models available for food and pharmaceutical industries

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