Pharmaceutical Rotary Valves

Pharmaceutical Rotary Valves.jpg

Discharging and metering valve for powders

  • Solid SS rotary valve for high hygienic standards
  • Polished surfaces Ra 0.8 µm in and outside to avoid product deposits
  • Quickly opening clamp connection for easy installation and maintenance

Main Features

  • Pressure Range
    1 barg (14.5 psi) system and 0.2 barg (2.9 psi) differential pressure, option 1 barg (14.5 psi) differential pressure
  • Pressure surge proof
    10 barg (145 psi), due to heavy duty design
  • ATEX (optional)
    Usable in Ex-Zones, inside zone 0.20, outside zone 1.21
  • Large inlet
    Without restriction for max. capacities
  • Easy cleaning
    Quick cleaning version as standard, rotor easily extendable
  • Outboard bearings
    Separated from product through drop out opening, with optional purged shaft seals

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