Pharmaceutical Steam Sterilizer: FOB-TS

Source: Fedegari Group


L in FOB-TS series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

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L in FOB-TS series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

Sterilizers of the FOB-TS series are suitable for use in many different fields:

  • Laboratory analysis and microbiology
  • and R and universities
  • bio-technological and Life Sciences
  • pharmaceutical, food and chemical, quality control laboratories and for the scale productions
  • operating theaters and the medical field in general

This machine is recommended for all high-skilled fields and markets global niche that require customized processes and validated.

The basic version of the sterilizer can already be used for standard processes and is easy to configure thanks to the design used and the modular construction with a number of interesting and exclusive optional accessories. In fact, all models can be configured using various customized systems with a wide range of processes and software options as well as a wide choice of accessories.

Design and Technical Data

  • Net capacity:
    • 80 liters (FOB2-TS)
    • 120 liters (FOB2S- TS)
    • 140 liters (FOB3-TS)
    • 185 liters (FOB3S-TS)
  • version with single door or double door for material passage
  • folding door easy to use with exclusive mechanism
  • unique system for opening and closing with pneumatic seal patented. Perfect air tightness, safety and reliability;
  • Easy installation on fixed or mobile panels and fast connection with other equipment;
  • energy recovery system for pre-heating water to the steam generator;
  • pressurized containers, exclusive pneumatic valves and hydraulic components in AISI 316L stainless steel high corrosion resistance, certified for domestic use;
  • Large and easy access to the technical area for the regular maintenance and emergencies;
  • Wide range of solutions for cargo (grids, adjustable shelves , baskets, etc.);
  • process Controller NEW DCS pLUS 08 with large display video-graphic touchscreen color;
  • 24 standard sterilization programs can be easily customized in a multi-user environment;
  • operating system fully validated and documented according to the most strict pharmaceutical standards for reproducible processes;
  • New exclusive software for 21CFR part 11 with electronic signature, audit trail and storage with ethernet connection;
  • Suitable to operate in contexts conform to standards GLP;

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