Pharmaceutical Tablet Coater: XL Cota

XL Cota

The XL Cota is used worldwide inside the pharmaceutical industry. Its huge distribution is owned mainly to a very reliable process, which is suitable for all kind of tablet coating requirements.

With a fully perforated drum, a superior spraying system and exchangeable baffles, products can be coated fast and efficient with water based, organic or sugar coatings. Our PROVICON Plus control system enables a fully automated recipe control, in order to achieve batch-by-batch reproducible high-quality results.

An integrated cleaning system enables fast, efficient and deep cleaning of the machine. Recipe controlled cleaning programs assure repeatable results. Thus, the XL Cota is ready for the next batch as quickly as possible.

The XL Cota can be loaded using a simple chute. The fast and gentle removal of tablets happens by reversing the drum rotation. The dependable and efficient XL Cota provides a rapid return on investment and excellent cost of ownership benefits.


  • Fully perforated drum with a maximum open area, supporting short process times
  • Superior Anti-Bearding spraying system with optimized, reproducible droplet size and distribution
  • Exchangeable mixing baffles for perfect movement of product Integrated cleaning system, recipe controlled for reproducible cleaning results
  • PROVICON Plus control system with open recipe management
  • completely 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.