Planetary Mixer Blades

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

The HV Blade enhances the capability of the Planetary Mixer.

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The HV Blade enhances the capability of the Planetary Mixer. It enables the mixing of ultra-high viscosity formulations. Products having this viscosity previously required a high horsepower double arm mixer. The blade has many advantages including:

  • Capable of mixing products up to 10,000,000 cps.
  • Assists in the rapid incorporation of light and difficult to wet solids such as fumed silica.
  • Cleans the walls and bottom of the vessel during the mix cycle.
  • Easy to clean between batches and color changes.

The DPM Model is available with a new range of optional features including sanitary designs, special benches, and vacuum and pressure sealing options. This mixer is equipped with special start under load protection.

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