News | March 3, 2014

Platinum Press to Showcase New 266-Panel Outsert at INTERPHEX NYC

Source: Platinum Press

Increased Number of Panels Eliminates Need for Piggybacked Outserts, Reducing Production Time and Cost

Platinum Press – a leading supplier of healthcare packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device and animal care sectors that specializes in labels, folding cartons, blister packaging and printed literature – will showcase its new 266-Panel Outsert at INTERPHEX NYC Booth #3742, March 18-20 at the Jacobs K. Javits Center. The outsert allows for an expanded number of panels which, in turn, yields a significant increase in copy space for necessary product information and instructions. As a result, the need for a “twinsert,” or piggybacked outsert, often is eliminated.
Platinum Press’ 266-panel outsert is made possible through the company’s state-of-the-art Vijuk MV-11 Knife System, which folds printed sheets as large as 21” X 40” into outserts as small as 1 1/8” X 1 1/8” (1.125” X 1.125”) with as many as 266 panels. The result is a more compact printed component that increases production speeds and turnaround time while decreasing manufacturing costs.
The 266-panel outserts are, on average, 20% thinner than traditional outserts, leading to a sleeker product appearance and customer savings on production, storage and shipping costs. These thinner outserts are easier to handle both manually and mechanically. The 266-Fold Outserts easily fit into existing packaging solutions.
“Platinum Press’ new 266-Panel Outsert employs the latest machine technologies to create a labeling product that is both more attractive and cost-effective than its predecessors and current competitors,” said Andrew Vale, Sr. VP of Corporate Strategy & Development for Platinum Press. “There are obvious product packaging advantages to using a sole outsert in instances where, previously, two were needed.”
At INTERPHEX NYC, Platinum Press Inc. also will showcase a combined carton and insert whereby the insert is consolidated into the carton itself. A window on each carton makes inserts visible for quality assurance inspection. Since fewer overall packaging components are needed, the carton/insert combo significantly reduces manufacturing costs by increasing line speeds and diminishing machine downtime.
About Platinum Press
Platinum Press is a leading supplier of healthcare packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical device and animal care sectors. From concept and design to production and warehousing, Platinum Press offers a full line of printed packaging components, including specialty labels, folded cartons, blister packaging and printed literature such as inserts, outserts and medication guides.
Platinum Press has produced printed packaging components for more than 100 companies throughout the country. For more information, call (469) 733-1506 or visit